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Ensaio na Avenida 2017 - G.R.E.S Tuiuti
Tadeu's Agogo
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     Also known as "gã", Agogo is a musical instrument formed by a single or multiple bells. Originated from the traditional Yoruba music of West Africa, the instrument has been used for decades in African Religions, Capoeira groups, Bandas and as one of the oldest Samba instruments.

       The Agogo played in the carnival of Rio de Janeiro is the one with four mouths (or four bells, as the old guard group prefers). Until the end of the 60's, the instrument had only two bells, until Edgard Telles Filho, one of the members of the Império Serrano Samba School, realized that with two more bells the instrument would gain a different touch and a much larger volume. Only in the 70's, the first Agogo group was created in Portela and soon thereafter became the most traditional instrument of the Império Serrano Samba School. Since then, the use of two-bells agogos was limited almost exclusively to the candomblé meeting places and to the high school bands.

     Nowadays, the four bells agogo is present in several countries, as in France, Argentina, Uruguay, Uruguay, Paraguay, Japan, England, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Russia, Poland, Italy, Canada, United States of America and many others. University percussion ensembles disseminated around the country are also representing and enriching the use of this beautiful instrument. Our philosophy is to maximize quality and spread it throughout the four corners of the world.




Agogôs (1).jpeg

Instrument Specifications

- Material: Stainless Steel (Resistance and Anti-Corrosion)

- Water Jet Cutting (Precision)           


- TIG Welding with Gas Argon (Durability)

- Musical Notes: Bell 1 (smaller): FA; Bell 2: RE; Bell 3: SO; Bell 4 (larger): MI

- Dimensions: Length 44 cm, Width 35 cm, Weight 2.2 kg (Light and Compact)

- Right or Left Handed, with Bandoliers Support and Ergonomic Handle (Comfort)



     My name is Tadeu Ferreira de Alencar, better known as "Tadeu of the Agogo". I'm from Rio de Janeiro and as a good son from "wonderful city", I'm a samba soldier. I have been working for more than 40 years with Tourism, more precisely in Hotel business. Samba and Carnival have always been my favorite hobbies and I usually say: "My religion!".


      I played 4 bells agogo since 1986 and for more than 20 years I have been looking for the perfection of the instrument, both in the quality of the materials, as well as in the manufacturing and sonority. Some 4 bells agogos in the market are still manufactured from rudimentary methods, with hammer and anvil, damaging the material. After much study, consulting of ​​welding and metals engineers and professionals, I developed a set of machines capable of giving the final format to the sheets, without any type of impact and damages. All this looking for finish, durability and tuning.

      The work is practically handcrafted and made with my son Rodrigo Alencar, Civil Engineer graduated at the Polytechnic School of Engineering at UFRJ and José Dinora, renowned welding instructor at SENAI/RJ.

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1. Entrevistando o Mestre Fafá da Acadêmicos do Grande Rio pelo Canal Carnavalesco

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Tadeu of the Agogo Store

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Talabarte (1).jpeg


4 Bells Agogo

We present the best 4 mouths Agogô in the world! Made entirely in 304 stainless steel, with a unique design and incredible sound! You will not regret acquiring this wonder!


685 BRL


4 Bells Agogo (leather)

Special edition with leather-covered handle. More comfort, exclusivity and elegance for your instrument.


735 BRL



Padded lanyard, adjustable and personalized. It has adjustment, with adjustment between 44 and 78 centimeters in length, to better suit your body. Weight of only 190 grams. Amazing quality, finish and design! With this very stylish accessory, you will be able to: Load the instrument; Rest your arm, supporting the agogo on your abdomen, while playing.


75 BRL



Case (custom backpack) made to measure for our agogôs. It has a pocket to store objects, hand strap and adjustable back straps. Reinforced canvas fabric inside (black). Measurements: 10 cm (height) x 38 cm (width) x 47 (length) and weight of 535 grams.

185 BRL

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